The Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory was founded in 1932.

The first drug factory was established under the Moscow Municipal Pharmaceutical Board. It became known as the «Galenic Factory» because most of the products manufactured at the time were galenic preparations (tinctures, extracts and drops obtained from herbal raw materials).

In the 70s the company developed pharmacopeial monographs for many medicines which became traditional, such as Menovasin, Cindol and Fucorcin. It also developed pharmacopeial monographs for 18 homeopathic drugs, such as Calendula ointment and suppositories, Propolis ointment and Hamamelis suppositories.

In 1976 the production was transferred to a new site in the north of Moscow in Koptevo. Since then, the plot of land in the outskirts, which had been unremarkable until then, was named in honor of the factory – Pharmaceutical Lane.

Since 2005 the Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory distributes its products under the MosFarma trademark.

In 2009 the Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory was certified in compliance with GOST R 52249-2009 (GMP EC Guide), applicable to the production of soft non-sterile dosage forms (ointments) and solid non-sterile dosed drugs (suppositories).